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Fire Risk Assessments Birmingham


On April 1, 2006, the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 went into effect, replacing all prior legislation and laws for all of England and Wales.

The new law mandates every employer and business owner, also known as the responsible person ‘, must be able to show the following:

  • All fire risks have been evaluated, and the findings have been recorded in a detailed fire risk assessment.
  • Records to demonstrate that firefighting equipment was provided, properly maintained, and inspected on a regular basis.
  • A written, authenticated and released Emergency Action Plan has been developed.
  • Staff have been trained in the use of firefighting equipment and techniques in the event of a fire.
  • There are appropriate fire detection, alert systems, and evacuation routes in place to ensure that people can safely leave the building or be evacuated in the case of an emergency.
  • Plans of action have been devised and are being holistically implemented.

Fire Risk Assessments Birmingham, What are they?

A Fire Risk Assessment is a legal necessity that allows every business owner and employer to be fully compliant with the legislation. The assessment is an avenue of determining any possible hazards that could result in a fire in the work environment. Some important factors are evaluated in order to weigh the possibility of a fire emergency. Following the assessment, a list of precautions will be determined in order to minimise the fire risks.

Under the Fire Safety Order 2005, which became operational in April 2006, business owners, employers, and building occupiers are legally required to have a Fire Risk Assessment carried out by an expert at their premises. A fire risk assessment will ensure that all of your staff and business assets are safe by minimising all the risks associated with fire.

Fire Risk Assessments Birmingham aims to identify fire risks, people in danger, quantify, reduce, or mitigate the threats, record their findings and conclusions, devise an emergency plan, and provide daily updates.

What will RDC Safety achieve?

A Birmingham-based fire risk assessment aims to identify fire hazards, people in danger, quantify, remove, or reduce threats, record their findings and conclusions, devise an emergency plan, and provide regular training, evaluations, and updates.

When completing the evaluation, RDC Safety Limited will use a query prototype, and the final version of the report or survey assessment document will include the following:

  • Details and layout of the building: This section provides a detailed overview of the building’s plan as well as pertinent notes of those that should be contacted in an emergency, such as the building’s responsible person’s contact information, competent individuals, and the number of floors, lifts, basements, and stairwells. In the event of an emergency, the location of the exits is given special attention.
  • Fire protection: This refers to the availability of firefighting equipment and the ease with which it can be used in the event of a fire or accident. Smoke alarms, firefighting facilities, a fire alarm device, fire extinguishers, fire covers, fire hoses, sprinkler systems, and extract systems, among other things, are included in the equipment.
  • Fire hazards: Any material that may potentially lead to a fire outbreak, such as the condition of the building wirings, the presence of smokers, sources of combustion, sources of fuel, and sources of oxygen, is registered here.
  • People in danger: This is an attempt to estimate the total number of people that may be in the building at any given time. The number of staff, tourists, visitors, clients, contractors, patients, and tenants is given special attention. People with special needs like those with mobility impairment, visual impairment, hearing impairment, lone workers, elderly people, language disabilities, drug abusers, cognitive disability, and little children are all taken into account by RDC Safety.
  • Means of escape: The availability of emergency exits, including their numbers. The measurements and travel distances that people have to cover before being able to leave the building are also relevant factors.
  • Risk ratings

It is common for an assessor to use a matrix for calculating risk in their report based on the availability of some firefighting equipment, level of training, and competence, amongst other factors.

  • Significant discoveries

Significant startling discoveries include any issues discovered during the tests that may trigger a fire outbreak or pose a fire hazard, as well as suggestions for resolving them.

  • Photographs and other supporting documentation

While on the premises, a fire risk assessor can request additional supporting documentation or take photographs.

Fire Risk Assessments BirminghamConclusion

RDC Safety Limited is a multi-disciplined consultancy that provides services to a rising national client base in a variety of industries.

RDC Safety Limited possesses the knowledge and skills necessary to meet and exceed all of our clients’ Fire Risk Assessment requirements.

Our services at RDC Safety are personalised to the complicated situations of our clients. We accomplish this by collaborating openly and honestly to create practical safety solutions.

All of our clients, their contractors, and employees are treated with dignity and courtesy. Our business philosophy is based on a professional demeanour, a practical approach, and cost-effective solutions.

We can perform all types of site-based Fire Risk Assessments to meet the needs of our customers in and around Birmingham, as well as throughout the UK.

RDC Safety Limited will conduct a Fire Risk Assessment to ascertain if there are appropriate fire detection, alert systems, and evacuation routes in place to ensure that people can be safely and quickly evacuated from the building in the case of an emergency.

All of the assessors sent by RDC Safety are certified and qualified professionals that will provide customers with comprehensive Fire Risk Assessments and help them in achieving compliance with the legal requirements of the law to avoid fines and other penalties.

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