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Health and Safety Consultants BirminghamOverview

One of the responsibilities of an employer in Birmingham is to ensure all employees’ health and safety while in the workplace. Health and Safety responsibility can encompass everything from providing appropriate PPE to workers, regular fire drills, labeling hazardous substances, and so on. These need all the seriousness it deserves!

Regardless of your line of business, human resources are the most valuable asset of any organisation. If employees’ health and safety requirements are not met, it can lead to discontentment and impede productivity. Also, it is essential to have proper health and safety practices in place to protect everyone including ─ you, your staff, and visitors to your premises. Failing this, you are at the risk of preventable accidents, avoidable expensive lawsuits, and prosecution.

What is the role of a health & safety consultant?

Health and Safety Consultants Birmingham is an expert who offers professional health and safety advice and guidance to businesses across the UK, especially to commercial ventures situated in or to serve Birmingham and the rest of the West Midlands. They provide businesses with the tools needed to manage their health and safety effectively. A health and safety consultant also assists commercial setups to know, conform with and keep abreast with all appropriate laws. They also take care of all aspects of health and safety management, and challenges are dealt with swiftly and appropriately.

Our experienced team at RDC Safety Limited will help your organisation thoroughly understand and comply with its legal obligations under the law. Health and safety regulations can be perplexing, and laws and statutes are usually ambiguous and not easy to understand. Preemptive health and safety management at the highest level is not just about common sense. We recognize the harmful court processes that may be initiated by injured personnel, visitors, and others, as well as the provisions of ACoPs and legislative instruments, as experts in the field of health and safety.

What are the advantages of outsourcing health and safety?

Outsourcing ensures that you get the best expertise in health and safety at a much-reduced cost. Instead of poorly managing your health and safety with various associated risks, outsourcing gets you the best. These are some benefits of outsourcing health and safety.

  1. It is cost-effective

Instead of recruiting and funding an entire Health and Safety department which attracts extra cost and increases monthly salaries, external Health and Safety consultants will reduce expenses, thereby saving cost.

  1. Improved efficiency

Since outsourced Health and Safety consultants in Birmingham has no other role in your business, they will have adequate time to do diligent work. They have the latest news in the industry and changes in legislation relevant to your business. This will impact the overall efficiency of the business.

  1. It is required by law

The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 requires all employers to enlist competent person(s) to help with legal duties regarding Health and Safety law in the workplace.

This does not necessarily mean you need to go on a recruitment search for a qualified health and safety worker. This much-needed support can be outsourced to a health and safety consultant in Birmingham, such as us ─ RDC Safety.

  1. They are only there when you need them

Health and safety, though an important part of business, necessarily do not require a full-time in-house employee.

After appropriate risk assessments have been carried out and policy in place, an expert’s regular review of the policies and assessments and support and advice is all that would be needed when a situation arises. It, therefore, is a waste of time and resources to hire a full-time in-house expert when the support of experienced consultants who are available when required.

Who are the correct health & safety consultants for my business?

RDC Safety consultants have different experiences in a range of industries; from working with businesses in the construction industry, football clubs, the engineering sector, and so much more, we have the right fit for you and your business. Whether you need a fire risk assessment, COSHH Risk Assessment, training, or a machinery assessment, our highly skilled Health and Safety Consultants in Birmingham are up to the task. They will help with issues as they arise and provide a quality range of consultancy services to help with your safety management and training.

Thankfully, RDC Safety can support businesses throughout the UK, especially in Birmingham and surrounding areas.

Health and Safety Consultants BirminghamWhat Health and Safety support does my business need?

As stated in The Health and Safety at Work Act, the employer should guarantee their employees’ safety. This incorporates delegating a ‘competent person’ in the job of helping with health and safety issues. This makes health and safety a legal necessity for all organisations. With the proper health and safety practices and techniques in place, you can significantly lessen the danger of a mishap at work and possibly, save lives. Without the appropriate knowledge and qualification, Health and Safety can be a big issue for managers. A committed health and safety consultant will both cut costs and save time for your organisation.

Our Birmingham-based health and safety consultancy furnishes you with a devoted and qualified health and safety specialist who has helped many organisations with regard to following specific standards, specifications, and most recent laws and guidelines in the work environment.

What will RDC Safety offer?

We execute the organisation’s Health and Safety audits to guarantee consistency with current enactment.

We revise and formulate Health and Safety strategies.

We carry out health and safety site inspections and audits.

We carry out Hazard Assessments and Safe Systems of Work.

We also do complete Fire Risk Assessments.

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