Construction (Design and Management) Regulations (CDM)


Our CDM Regulations Training covers everything you need to know about planning, managing, and maintaining everyone’s safety throughout a construction project. This course will help guide you towards compliance with current legislation. Understand the CDM Regulations and learn how to effectively plan your projects with this short course.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the CDM regulations to help you and your employees work towards compliance with the legislation
  • Learn how to PLAN your projects to assemble the right pre-construction information
  • Learn how to MAINTAIN a safe working construction site

This training course is broken down into 3 sections

  1. What are the CDM Regulations

This focusses on the basics of the regulations, laying the foundations. It covers the core values, the different duty holders and their duties, when and where the regulations apply, and the penalties faced for non-compliance.

  1. Planning

This section covers the planning of a safe construction project: how to make sure you appoint the right duty-holders; and how to assemble the right pre-construction information, construction phase plan, and health and safety file

  1. Safe Sites

This section covers what you need to do in order to maintain a safe construction site. It covers things like vehicle safety, emergency procedures and welfare facilities.

About this course

The construction industry is arguably one of the most dangerous sectors to work for. To put that statement into context, consider the fact that construction accounts for about 5% of the total UK workforce, yet it’s responsible for 31% of all workplace fatalities. On top of this, there are also 64,000 non-fatal injuries requiring medical treatment and 81,000 cases of work-related ill health every year – at a cost of £1 billion in lost working days.

It’s for this reason that the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations were first introduced. Construction projects often involve the use of dangerous equipment, materials, vehicles, and locations; they often involve working at height, near or over large drops or open bodies of water; or on incomplete structures which may topple or collapse – so when you combine this with the fact that worksites also tend to be filled with many different people all working on separate tasks, it’s easy to see where accidents can happen.

The CDM Regulations help make the chaos of a construction project controllable – from start to finish and beyond. By creating roles and responsibilities for key duty holders throughout a construction project, they ensure that Health and Safety protocols are effectively managed by the right people, and that they are communicated to and followed by everyone.

This CDM Training course breaks the regulations down into three simple sections; the roles and responsibilities of everyone involved; what needs to be planned for at each stage of a construction project; and what needs to be considered in order to keep a construction site safe.

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