Risk Assessment Training

This Risk Assessment Training is a key Health and Safety course that teaches you both what Risk Assessments are, as well as how and when to perform them. Understand the benefits of comprehensive risk assessments and comply with basic legislation.

147 workers were killed at work in 2018/19, good risk assessments help prevent accidents and fatalities.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the 5 steps of a risk assessment, as well as how to create a plan of action for the hazard you find
  • Show your commitment to The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999
  • Learn when you should fill out a risk assessment and when they are not necessary
  1. Why Assess Risk?

In the first section we look at why we should do risk assessments, including the legal, moral and financial reasons. It emphasises that, without a structured process, it’s easy to miss risks if you have lots of different responsibilities. And risks can also be missed through over-familiarity with the workplace.

  1. When should I assess risk?

Here, we define what risks and hazards are and look at how risk can depend on many things. Risk Assessments may NOT always be necessary, so we explain how you decide whether one IS needed and when you need to do risk assessments again.

  1. The 5 Steps to Risk Assessment

This section explains exactly how to do a risk assessment using a simple 5 step process. It takes you through each column of a standard risk assessment form explaining what should go into that column and how to fill it in. It gives examples and explains how to organise a plan of action to deal with hazards you find.

About this course

This Risk Assessment training is designed to help businesses comply with Health and Safety regulations, as well as learn to and carry out structured risk assessments in the workplace.

Whatever sector your organisation operates in, risk assessments are a crucial part of ensuring employees are safe from harm and that workplace risks are anticipated and reduced as much as is reasonably possible.

By law, every employer must undertake this kind of assessment for health and safety risks within their working environment. This course gives a clear, structured overview of what a risk assessment is, as well as explaining each stage of how to perform one in a clear, step by step manner.

As well as helping with legal compliance, this course will show you how to assign ratings to workplace risks, as well as put appropriate control measures in place. Minimise the risks to your business and your employees today by getting instant access to our risk assessment training.

Our course is broken down into 3 sections; why you should assess the risks, when you should assess the risks, the 5 steps of risk assessment as well the risk assessment tool you could use to carry out your assessment.

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